Points of Leverage: 6th Edition

The intention of C-lever Points of Leverage is to support you in your own development and growth as a leader and a human by sharing my journey of the same.  I hope you find it useful.


What I’m consuming – 

Lululemon – Men’s Pants– My husband has become the master of looking sharp while being extremely comfortable.   Now that he’s not going into an office every day, his daily activities vary a lot ,so his wardrobe needs to serve double duty.  He wears these pants when he wants to both be comfortable and look great.   He’ll pair them with a button down shirt from Lululemon (like this one I got him for Father’s Day) or this performance fabric shirt from Mizzen + Main (which I got him for his birthday).

Stingers – GF Chocolate Mint Waffle – I stumbled upon these yummies at a bike shop in Frisco, CO last week.   Back when I was still doing endurance activities, I loved Honey Stingers because they were so tasty.   I got away from them because the waffles contained gluten and I didn’t really need them for endurance any more.  Well, these snackies are organic and gluten free and whether I’m doing endurance activities or not, I’ve decided to re-enter this low-glycemic, convenient 140 calorie snack back into my diet.


What I’m trying – 

CBD – I was in Colorado with my family last month (see more on that below) and was curious about the cute, little CBD store on Main Street in Breck, Pharmstrong.  Everyone reading this probably knows more about CBD than I do.  If not, here’s the skinny as I understand it:  CBD (cannabidiol) and THC are the two most prevalent active ingredients in cannabis (marijuana). It’s the THC that gets you high. The separate CBD component has been found to have some beneficial properties.   Some evidence shows that CBD has been used effectively to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy.  And while the jury is still out on its efficacy, CBD is also being used to promote sleep, calm anxiety and reduce pain and inflammation.  (BTW, CBD is legal in all 50 states.)

CBD is converted to an oil for sleep and taken sublingually, is converted to a cream and used topically to reduce pain and inflammation and is converted to gel caps and taken almost like a vitamin.  Everyone I have spoken with says that it needs to be used daily for a period of time to see the benefits.   I’m trying the pain and joint kit.   I’ll keep you posted.


What I’m reading – 

The Surrender Experiment – my journey into life’s perfection  – I can’t stop reading (listening to) this mesmerizing book.  It’s the true story of a brilliant, young man in the 1970s, who just wanted to live a simple, quiet, spiritual life, in the woods of Alachua, FL.   Along the way, he decided to conduct an experiment –  to surrender his life to what he calls the “invisible hand of the universe” by saying “yes” to what came his way, regardless of his own personal preferences and biases.  The remarkable result of his experiment was the creation of a 600 acre spiritual community, a construction business, and a personalized programming company that ultimately grew through merger and acquisition into what became WebMD.  (Here’s a summary, but only read it if you don’t mind spoilers.)

I’m not certain yet what I’ll do with my new found inspiration, only that I’ve come to believe 1) life can be easier than I’m making it 2) at most any moment in my life, if you would have told me 5 years before where I’d be and what I’d be doing 5 years hence, I wouldn’t have believe you and 3) there is a perfection to the universe, even if I can’t see it.


What I’m watching – 

The Biggest Little Farm –   I was genuinely touched by this beautiful documentary of an ambitious and passionate young couple who left their jobs in LA to start Apricot Lane Farms, 40 miles north of LA.  (91% on Rotten Tomatoes). But they didn’t want to start just any farm. They wanted to create what’s called a “traditional farm”, one that uses no chemicals or pesticides and where the plants and animals are left alone to do pretty much what they were meant to do.   The tension in the film comes from the couple’s success in creating the ideal eco-system for one set of creatures, only to find themselves overcome by them, that is until they could determine nature’s intrinsic balance.

This ~ 90 minute movie (a joy for all ages, though it’s rated PG for showing some of what happens between predator and prey) chronicles the 8 year quest of John and Molly Chester, as they attempt to convert 200 acres of dead, barren farmland into a well-balanced, Garden of Eden-like, eco-system with pigs, goats, ducks, sheep, chickens, cattle and 75 varieties of stone fruit.

What I found so touching about this film is how it reveals the perfection of nature, such that when man just gets out of the way, leads to balance, beauty and harmony.

Chernobyl – Holy S&*t! – This gripping new drama by HBO is a MUST WATCH! I’ve only watched the first episode, but everyone in my family who has watched it has said they’d watch it all again.   As you might have guessed, this mini-series tells the true story of 1986 nuclear accident.  It is, by all accounts, horrifying.  What happened, how it happened, why it happened, how denial of the truth led to death and destruction for the people, plants and animals impacted.

I found this drama disturbing, not just because it’s so painfully true, but because it hits so close to home now.  While we aren’t currently being faced with a Chernobyl-like emergency, the denial of things like climate change and its causes feel hauntingly similar to what led to the disastrous outcome at Chernobyl.


What I’m enjoying – 

BreckInnRidge Vacation – My extended family and I just wrapped up a week’s vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado.  We started going to Summit County for a week in the summer more than a decade ago.  My siblings and I would gather our families together at my father’s home in Dillon, CO and reflect on past memories while creating new ones.  Since my father’s passing a little more than a year ago, it became important of us to continue the tradition on our own.

I found this beauty on AirBNB –  9 bedrooms, 5 fireplaces, 3 dining areas, multiple in-door and outdoor gathering areas, hot tub, ping-pong, pool, foosball, air hockey, and full game room, all in 9000 square ft and with 25 ft ceilings.  It was walking distance to Main Street, Breckenridge as well as to hiking and biking trails.  It was spectacularly well-suited for our families who came from Seattle, Tulsa, OKC, DC, Orlando and Ft Meyers to be together.   We had a marvelous time, hiking, biking, cooking, eating, drinking and laughing together.

Why am I sharing this?  I suspect that there will be a lot of things I regret over the course of my life or at least things I’ll wish I’d done better and/or with more love.  And I’ll never regret a minute or dollar I spend with and for my family, creating memories together.   I hope you’ll do the same in whatever way works for you.


Quotes I’m pondering – 

Let what’s holding you back be what wakes you up!”  – not sure who said this or where I heard it but it stuck.

The mind is an excellent servant and a terrible master”.  David Foster Wallace


If you liked this (or not), let me know and feel free to forward it to someone who might benefit.   They can subscribe to C-lever POL here.  If you’d have a thought or comment, I’d love to hear it!

Take care,


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