I speak with passion and purpose on a variety of topics from strategy to leadership.  Instead of giving the same canned talk everywhere I go (“Hello DesMoines!…eerr Detroit!”), I customize each talk I give to align with the needs of the audience.  If I can’t give a talk that has people walking away, reflecting upon what they heard and how they felt and doing something differently because of it, I won’t speak.   I believe that the time of the people in the room is too valuable to waste it with feel-good “motivational” talks, or with data intensive, fact driven talks.  People want to connect with an idea or a person or a deeper sense of themselves so that they can leave and more fully step into the potential of their lives.


Also, I coach people who want to give TED or TEDx talks.  As a TEDx curator and TEDActivator, I have studied the 15 most viewed talks and have assimilated what has made them so magnetic.   (See my blog post on What Makes A Great TED Talk Great).   At this point, I’ve seen hundreds and potentially thousands of TED and TEDx talks.  I use this knowledge and my own ability to help people get out of their own way, to coach people to give great talks.



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