Get To Know Me

CEO Coach, Advisor and Consultant, Alison Whitmire

Alison WhitmireI’m deeply committed to helping CEOs achieve their goals—the big and the small, whatever they are, whatever it takes. Whether it’s connecting a start up with investors, leading an organization through a game-changing visioning process or providing tools that lead to pivotal personal growth, I meet my clients where they are and help them get to where they want to be. It’s when a client achieves something they weren’t sure they could that inspires me most.


My diverse background helps me understand today’s leaders and the challenges they face. Everything from my time as a CPA with Ernst & Young, to completing my MBA from University of Chicago, to years of experience as a strategic planning consultant and running divisions of Fortune 500 companies, I’ve learned and experienced a lot about leadership, strategy and execution. Even after becoming a credentialed coach and working with more than 75 CEOs , I’m always adding to my tools and capabilities to ensure my clients get the expertise they need for their specific challenges.

Asking Courageous Questions

The number one thing you should know about me: I ask a lot of questions. That’s how I get you to stretch your thinking. My job is to ask better, smarter, tougher questions—the types of questions that you haven’t thought to ask yourself, that challenge you to look beyond the obvious, that require courageous answers that reveal the unexpected. With the intention of helping you grow faster, my questions are purposeful, informed, and candid—just like me.

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