Heather Fitzpatrick


“Alison coached both me and our COO during a time of transition within our company. She provided an invaluable outside perspective on our company’s value proposition, encouraged us to take the difficult steps we needed to take, kept us focused on what needed to be accomplished, and held us accountable for action between our coaching sessions. Alison also helped us develop a customized hiring process that improved our ability to hire employees whose skills and personality are a close fit to our company’s culture and our clients’ needs. I have also had the pleasure of partnering with Alison to serve mutual clients. She is an organized, skillful facilitator who bring exceptional insight to her clients’ situations. She is also committed to and successful at connecting people who can work together to mutual benefit.” March 27, 2012


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Alison Whitmire

CEO and Executive Leadership Coach, Advisor and Consultant, “Deeply Committed, Helping CEOs See Clearer, Do More”

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