Since I started working with Alison, my company’s revenues have increased 34% and EBITDA has nearly doubled. Our work together helps me stay focused on the bigger picture, on the strategic initiatives that are going to drive growth and profitability. Also, my emotional intelligence has increased and my team has noticed. I’m much more open in dealing with conflict. I’ve become more self-aware and engaged with my team at a new level.

Bruce Haldors, CEO, Transpo Group


Alison has helped me grow as a leader. Since working with Alison, I have transitioned from a leader of a department, to a leader of a practice to leader and President of the company. Alison has helped me see how I can positively impact the company’s results by creating a vision, setting a course toward it, and communicating the vision and course to my team. She’s helped me stay focused on the things that I can impact the most and will have the greatest impact on our results.

Karen Olson, President, BuzzBee


I started working with Alison and Vistage because, as a business owner, I didn’t have a mentor to learn from or peers I could talk to. I was bored and my company was stagnating. Through Vistage, I have a sounding board for everything from how to hire and fire people to how to think strategically. I’ve made friends and developed peers to bounce ideas off of, broadening my exposure to other ways of doing things. Plus, there’s an accountability in the group that I don’t find anywhere else. When you say you’re gonna do something in front of a group or your coach, you tend to do it.

Alison and Vistage have propelled me and my company forward. I’m now launched on a very fast, aggressive, and exciting path. If I hadn’t had Alison and the group, I wouldn’t have been able to know how to go about building this company. Also, I’m more enthused and engaged in my daily life. Because of some of the tools Alison has presented I have a better awareness of myself and my blind spots, allowing me to be a better person, husband, and father.

Mike Anderson, CEO PayNorthwest


The Vistage organization, our group and most importantly Alison Whitmire have been an incredible influence on not only my business, but on my personal growth and success as an entrepreneur.

Alison’s empathic yet practical business style has been invaluable in assisting me to grow and lead my business. Her broad knowledge base has exposed me to concepts and techniques during our coaching sessions that I had not previously used. These techniques have vastly improved my ability to predict and manage business cycles and enhanced my skills with finance and banking, dealing with employee issues and handling the numerous other challenges that business owners run into daily. She has an incredible network which has given me access to a variety of additional resources and specialists to assist me in both business and personal projects and issues. Without a doubt, Alison Whitmire has contributed greatly to our success!!!

Debbie Oberbillig, President Allen Partners


“The impact of my working with Alison and Vistage has been consistent and significant. The people in my company express that they’ve noticed advancement in my leadership skills and the resulting positive effect on the company. Alison has the amazing ability to ask the most relevant and probing question and drill in on issues. Alison’s corporate experience as well as her continued training are assets that she uses very effectively in coaching and running Vistage meetings.

Since working with Alison and Vistage, my company has grown considerably, to the point that now we are turning away business. Vistage provides me with an opportunity to discuss business topics in a forum that is not otherwise available. It’s a place where I can go work with the real issues facing me and my business. The experience Alison’s provides consistently and significantly impacts my professional life.”

Jerry Bush, CEO, University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
“Alison is one of the best CEO coaches out there: she’s strategic, focused, and truth-telling. I learn from her in every interaction.”
Lynn Parker, Principal, ParkerLePla
“Alison is an outstanding leadership coach that I have had the pleasure of working with for many years in my business! She thinks outside the box, is highly organized, has a very positive outlook, manages groups well, and challenges each individual to become a better leader with great success! Her passion for her business and helping others shows deeply – while also having fun!”
Dan Mundle
“Alison has been providing executive coaching for me over several years. She is an expert at helping clients get to the root cause of issues, and doing so in a way which is objective and clear. Her very strong business and finance background enables her to provide ideas and recommendations that are germane, crisp and actionable. Time and again, she has helped me see situations from multiple perspectives, increasing my effectiveness. Best of all, though, is that she combines these skills compassion and care for her clients. I highly recommend her.”
Sean Cunningham, CEO, Logic 20/20
“Alison somehow blends her tremendously positive approach with great insight and candor to help you figure out where you’re having challenges and why, and to help you craft you own path to tackle them effectively. Her breadth of experience – having worked with so many senior leaders in so many different industries – means she has a lot to pull from when offering her perspective. If you can work with Alison, do it!”
Brad Williamson


“Alison coached both me and our COO during a time of transition within our company. She provided an invaluable outside perspective on our company’s value proposition, encouraged us to take the difficult steps we needed to take, kept us focused on what needed to be accomplished, and held us accountable for action between our coaching sessions. Alison also helped us develop a customized hiring process that improved our ability to hire employees whose skills and personality are a close fit to our company’s culture and our clients’ needs. I have also had the pleasure of partnering with Alison to serve mutual clients. She is an organized, skillful facilitator who bring exceptional insight to her clients’ situations. She is also committed to and successful at connecting people who can work together to mutual benefit.”
Heather Fitzpatrick, CEO, MarketFitz


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