Would You Benefit From Coaching?

If you are unsure as to whether or not you would benefit from coaching, review the statements below:

  1. I have big ideas/goals for myself and my company, but I’m not sure how I’ll accomplish them.
  2. I have reached the limit of what I can accomplish without some help.
  3. I’m missing the deadlines/goals I have for myself and have no one holding me accountable.
  4. I access my best thinking by processing my thoughts with someone else and I don’t have anyone to “think out loud” with.
  5. I feel overwhelmed.
  6. My company and I are too insulated and I want someone who can think with me about my business and provide outside insight.
  7. I’m not comfortable with my leadership style, and I can’t seem to get the best from my team.
  8. I’m not confident handling conflict effectively.
  9. I don’t have anyone I can confide in who doesn’t also have an agenda.
  10. I’m always looking for ways to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  11. I want to learn new skills, new tools to help me run my company and lead my team.
  12. My focus feels too fragmented.
  13. I sense I’ve gotten stale and want some fresh thinking.
  14. I don’t know what I don’t know about leading my business to success.
  15. I want to make my company more valuable and I’m not sure how.

If three or more of these statements fit you, CEO coaching could be right for you. Though you could benefit from coaching, you might not be ready. Take the CEO Coaching Readiness Assessment to see if you’re ready for some courageous honesty.

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