My Approach

CEO and Executive Leadership Coaching

Alison Whitmire

CEOs live in a world of complexity and overload. You have hundreds of things that vie for your attention each day. With little time to think deeply and intentionally about your business and your life, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed.

Now, imagine what you could accomplish if you could focus your energy, leverage your strengths and create solutions that have a lasting impact on your life and your business.

By asking courageous questions, making meaningful connections and forwarding their action, I help my clients not only become better business leaders, but help them improve their whole lives.   Connecting my clients to a community of their peers, provocative ideas, helpful resources, and insights into themselves and their companies, I guide CEOs through a revealing journey that opens their minds to new ways of thinking and creates greater intention and focus.

What You Can Expect

I believe that the CEO role can provide the ideal catalyst for self-actualization. My style of business coaching:

Starts with lots of questions that form an assessment of where you are, where you want to go and defines the gap between the two

Co-creates a plan, breaking down each goal into its component parts

Helps you clarify your personal and company mission, your “why”

Provides you with tools you need to lead your company and your team effectively

Connects you with a community of your peers

Connects you with expert resources you need when you need them

Will help you find clarity, focus and meaning in your life and business

This approach and my powerful combination of savvy business acumen and coaching expertise allow me to help make the lives of today’s leader better.

Since each client engagement is as unique as my clients, there isn’t one process or a one-size fits all approach. My approach is customized to what you need and doing whatever it takes to get you to your goals.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, we might be a good fit.

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