The Great Recession inspired the theme for TEDxPugetSound 2009, The Art of Living, Integrating Life’s Passions. The event’s intention was to reconnect CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners with the passion that drives them to lead and grow their companies.

Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” talk from TEDxPugetSound 2009 resonated with the physical and virtual audience so much that his video was viewed thousands of times, catching the notice of TED. It was ultimately uploaded toTED.com and today is the third most viewed TED video with over 18 million views.


As the economic environment changed, my clients’ needs changed.  It has become clear that significant growth will not come from a rising economic tide, but from successful innovation. That need for innovation inspired me to theme TEDxPugetSound 2011 Dreaming Out Loud: Transforming Ideas Into Actions.


You can watch all of the inspiring TEDxPugetSound 2011 talks here, from Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, talking about how to make ideas happen to the renowned poet, David Whyte, speaking on the conversational nature of reality.

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