Whatever It Takes

Business owner coaching, strategy coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching—what I do has many names and definitions. Each of the services I offer provides different ways to open my clients’ minds, help them find focus and, ultimately, achieve their goals. To that end, you’ll rarely hear me say, “I can’t do that.” I’ll do whatever it takes to help you get to where you want to be.

Whether it is…

Connecting business leaders with:

  • Partners who invest in their companies
  • Prospects who become meaningful clients
  • Peers who become life-long friends
  • Resources I know and trust for anything from IT consulting to presentation skills, training to board governance


Challenging clients to push themselves to new goals by:

  • Running side by side with them on a 10 mile training run, coaching them on mental and physical preparation for a half ironman
  • Climbing the 4000′ elevation of Mailbox Peak to help them prepare for a climb of Mt. Rainier
  • Brainstorming innovative ways to explore new markets


Helping clients achieve life balance by:

  • Creating work out plans to meet physical goals
  • Offering experiences like TEDxPugetSound to connect people with their passion
  • Trading ideas about how best to care for special needs children and aging parents


You tell me—what do you need to reach your goal? Contact me and we’ll get you there.

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