Dad at TEDxRCP


The theme for 2013 TEDxRockCreekPark was The Hero’s Journey.  It was based upon the belief that we are all put on the planet with a purpose and our conscious or unconscious desire is to fully express that purpose.


TEDxRockCreekPark 2013, held in the Washington DC area, was my most ambitious TEDx, designed to be a forcing function for me to get to know my new home. The theme of the conference, The Hero’s Journey, was based upon the concept developed by Joseph Campbell that we are each the hero of our own life story. With 22 speakers from all over the country, a curated, invitation-only, audience of 300 CEOs, coaches and educators, and an intense audience engagement experience, it achieved the goal of connecting the audience with inspiring ideas, like-minded, high achieving peers and a deeper sense of self.

Check out my blog on the evolution of the  conference at http://tedxrockcreekpark.com/the-evolution-of-tedxrockcreekpark-the-heros-journey

For a review of the conference, see http://c-lever.biz/2013/06/11/tedxrockcreekpark-the-heros-journey-in-review/





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